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Dead in the Family
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A solid installment in the sookie series -
nothing groundbreaking - though we did get some good background/history/family connections.

I liked that Charlaine Harris took her own route with Eric's maker, as opposed to follow...
tagged: 2010-reads and nook-books
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A solid entry into the House of Night series...
It was nice to see the journeys Stark and Zoey went through, and that they weren't simple tasks.
Of course, it left me hanging for Book #8.
Jeez louise.
tagged: 2010-reads and nook-books
Garden Spells
5 of 5 stars
Garden Spells is a sweet, enchanting read. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and wanted to keep on reading it. The mixture of magic and sisterhood just made me smile.

Two sisters, brought together after years apart, learn to apprec...
tagged: 2010-reads and nook-books
4 of 5 stars
Short and sweet.
I don't think I've ever bookmarked a book I've read for myself before, and I found myself marking several passages in this one... and it was less than 45 e-book (nook) pages!

Kelly Corrigan does a great job...
tagged: 2010-reads and nook-books
Eyes Like Stars
4 of 5 stars
What an original concept for a novel..
I loved the idea of a magical world where the characters in plays live.

The story of Bertie and her desire to stay in the theater while trying to decipher her fuzzy past is enchanting. ...
tagged: 2010-reads and nook-books

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October 20, 2010


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